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France awakens


Our think tank “France awakens” was founded in June 2015 in France, seeking to develop a new form of direct and collaborative democracy to restore people’s power of decision and expertise. We bring a new wave of ideas for our country and a fresh look at our society.


An alternative to outdated ideologies of another century


To distinguish ourselves from all current French political parties, we do not claim left-right positioning on the basis that each political party has good ideas for our country. We are therefore independent and open to any cooperation with leaders sharing our opinions.

We want to instil a new positive and young dynamic to live a real change for the next elections. Our method is a rational and objective analysis of our society that leads to concrete solutions.


Our motto: a bright, fair, reformed and innovative Republic


We want a new, reformed, innovative and courageous France who will cope with his future with confidence.


We want a France worthy of the legacy of the Age of Enlightenment and the power of Reason.


We carry the values ​​of a Republic proud of what it is and facing new complex challenges in a globalized world such as economic crises, worldwide competition, emerging markets and actors, social inequalities, poverty, climate change, environmental degradation and pandemics.

Being republican in the 21st century means being proud of French culture and its diversity.

Being republican is believing in the excellence and expertise of the French in the areas that are theirs.


An innovative approach: lean politics and collaborative democracy


According to our concept, citizens are the major players in politics and we are positioning ourselves as mediators. We organize exchanges, debates and meetings with teachers for education, with doctors for health… because we believe you have the solutions!

From our experience in various top technology sectors of the industry, we have identified key concepts in the industry that are worth being applied in politics. Those valuable concepts range from lean thinking to innovative concepts that prove to be highly valuable in a globalized world that changes the original context of political action.

The open politics concept is also our goal looking for a more direct way of doing politics with and for the citizens in a digitized world. Combining those concepts together, we want to implement the digital world new open politics keeping in mind that rationality and pragmatism should be used as a guideline for political action.

According to our movement, collaborative democracy refers to a “political framework where all citizens can propose their ideas and solutions, directly participate to the elaboration of a global political projet for France and be involved in the economic and social decisions of the country.


Citizens at the heart of democracy.



We need your support to defend our values


We need your support to organize the debates that we want for a new and competitive France.

The only obligations for the donor shall be a natural person. No donations of companies, associations… can’t be accepted. Furthermore, anonymous donations are prohibited.

According to our internal rules, all donations exceeding € 5 allow you to become a Supporter of our think tank.

Any donation above € 50 gives you the status of Ambassador.


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